Brokerage services

Our strength lies in the flexibility of our company and the dedication of our staff in meeting your demands.


Your wishes are our primary concern


We offer you a door-to-door service at a competitive price


Whether it is a parcel or a full load to any destination in Europe


To any destination in Europe

ISO 9001 certificaat

ISO 9001

We are ISO 9001 certified!

Euro 6


Vrachtwagen van Cetex


Cetex operates a modern, extensive truck fleet. It sounds simple: Forwarding goods from A to B. This however, requires a lot more than meets the eye. Cetex understands this very well. With us, your goods will get the care and attention they deserve.

Situated in the Euregio, a region in the south of the Netherlands with the German and Belgian borderline, has Cetex quick and direct access to the main European motorways, making Cetex a reliable and quick haulier.

Courier services

Our European Non Stop Service offers reliability and assurance in delivering.

With one phone call, delivering your shipment directly to any destination.

Our European Non Stop Service is your option for maximum speed and personal delivery.

We offer this service from 1 envelope to several pallets per shipment, 7 days a week.



Cetex operates a state of the art warehouse with all modern handling facilities. Whether you are looking for temporary storage or considering third party logistics with Cetex, we can offer a tailor made solution.

Stocking, warehousing, order picking, quality control, wrapping and rewrapping can be done by us. Our motivated staff will be glad to take this process out of your hands, meeting all requirements that your products demand.

The customer can tailor his logistics with Cetex in any shape or form required.


Value Added Logistics

The 24/7 economy and increasing changeability in consumers requests you have to react faster.

Consumers expect more diversity in products and shorter lead times.

With our Value Added Logistics, we can flexibly and accurately respond. We take a lot of work from your organization so you can focus on your core business.

We know you as a customer and think from the total supply chain with appropriate solutions.

Vrachtwagen op snelweg

Examples of our V.A.L. activities
  • Packaging, repackaging and sealing
  • Labeling
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing
  • Handling Returns
  • Quality
  • Modifying your products
  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Create transport documents / CMR